Designed by foodservice operators,
for foodservice operators.

Originally created as an alternative to grimey casters, so cooks could move commercial stoves for cleaning, KEGlides are the small, simple, smart and virtually indestructible tool your operation needs. Our patented, recessed glides can move over two tons of equipment smoothly over all kinds of flooring surfaces. Our NSF-Component Certified threaded glides are easily modified to gain – or drop – a few inches for height clearances maximizing your kitchen space.

KEGlides are cleaner than casters, and won’t break. Plus, they reduce rust, corrosion and bacteria build-up for a safer work environment and cleaner kitchen!

When it comes to Improving Operations

small solutions make a big difference.

Along with being easy to assemble, customizable, space saving and cost-effective, KEGlides are built to last— no more fixing broken casters, repairing chipped floor tile, or time-consuming searches for replacement parts. Bonus? KEGlides tolerate high temperatures so they don't melt, and are dish-machine safe.

We make ’em tough so moving your equipment is easy!


Problems solved!


Manufacturer of pressure fryers

Broaster uses our Threaded Counter Glides instead of their standard manufactured equipment feet for height adjustability in certain applications.


Major sandwich chain

Jimmy John’s sandwiches had a grab-and-go beverage cooler provided by a soda distributor. The feet didn’t allow ease of movement of the unit for cleaning, and there were no casters that fit. A female Threaded Glide was customized to meet their needs.


Foodservice Manufacturing Conglomerate

Welbilt engineers contacted us when they were designing a new piece of equipment. They wanted to maximize internal usable space of the item in design by reclaiming lost space previously needed for tall equipment feet. Minor size modification was made to one of our Threaded Glides.


Major Metro Distributor of Ice Machines

Empire Cooler owns the Chicago ice machine leasing market, which includes servicing the machines. They added the Heavy Duty Tall Threaded Glide to new leased machines so their service agents could move equipment easily in the field. Less time to service and fewer back strains.


Storage Solutions

Every operator has walk in refrigeration. Almost every walk-in refrigerator or freezer has shelves. Many shelves are held by round shelf posts. All shelf posts are shipped with leveling pins that are either metal that scratch, rust and screech on floors, or have rubber gaskets that need frequent replacement. None help an operator move the shelf. Our Post Glides allow shelves to be moved—without emptying the entire shelf!


So Many End Users

The Original Glide is used by so many restaurateurs in so many applications on so many different types of equipment, it’s hard to mention them all! All have a need to move equipment with ease.

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Warning: Stainless steel contained in some Glides can expose users to chemicals which are known to the State of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info, CA Prop 65